Monday, February 4, 2008

In Which I Am Not Objective

Suck it, Boston. SUCK IT. There is a God in Heaven, and He will not let the Massholes celebrate two major sports championships in one year. Not that I'm a Yankees fan or anything (please, please kill me if you ever see that happening) but I have to see tonight as a little bit of karmic payback for 2004. Yeah, yeah, Boston vs. New York, completely overhyped, but now the Patriots are forever 18-1. This is how I suffered during the World Series, and of course, I'd rather that the Boston entrant lost then instead of now, but later is better than never.



Yes, I'm sick. And yes, I'm also going to bed now. Drown in your tears, Patriots fans. And I'm not even a Giants fan. I just count this suffering well deserved.

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