Saturday, January 26, 2008

Step Back From The Cliff Edge

Apparently it's all rumor and incorrect hearsay that Jessimo is broken up, and Jessica is so angry about this calumny that she's called her lawyers in to make OK! magazine publish a "prominent and unambiguous retraction." So, in other words, Tony Romo actually isn't as bright as I didn't think he was. He's a pro athlete, so let's just say he doesn't pick 'em for their ability to converse on Proust, Spinoza, Tocqueville, and Habermas. Jessica probably thinks those are types of vodka.

Jessimo is dead. Long live Jessimo! It's all right! The world turns! Thank heavens, we avoided a catastrophe there. If Tony should last that long with this vacuum-headed bimbo, look for the calls for dumpage to begin right after his first shitty preseason game.

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